AMZ Review Trader Deals

Huge Amount Of Problem Products
Removed From AMZRT Today! 

Hey Everyone,
As promised, we are working away at seriously improving AMZ Review Trader. Last week introduced the new "Best Discounts Button", and this week we started banning a large amount of problem sellers. 

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing from you about an influx of sellers that have not played nicely with reviewers. Whether they have been unexpectedly changing the price of products, having faulty promo codes, not responding to customer support, or not strictly following Amazon's terms of service. We have started clamping down on it all.

As of today, we removed a HUGE amount of products from
AMZRT that have ​been reported as having problems.
5,289 products to be exact.

We will continue to monitor our data and the response from this, and tighten up on this more if we continue to see problem sellers. We know that it's not perfect yet, but we're working on cleaning it up fast!

I do want to say that the majority of our sellers are wonderful people, and provide great products for you to test out. The small minority have been causing 90% of the problems, and we are going to weed them out once and for all :)

Thanks again for your support, and keep looking out for more updates to come soon!​